Romance, Does It Still Live? This conversation took place on 2/10/02 If your wondering, Nanaki536 is William Scheirer
Nanaki536: what Nanaki536: its true stddashboard: its not a waste of time Nanaki536: noone is like that naturally Nanaki536: you do that to trick people into liking you Nanaki536: and then Nanaki536: when they find otu what your really like stddashboard: fuck you Nanaki536: they break up with you Nanaki536: the cycle of "popualr people stddashboard: just shut the fuck up Nanaki536: lol Nanaki536: cause im right? stddashboard: NO UR WAY OFF Nanaki536: and you dont want to think about it Nanaki536: lol Nanaki536: no im not stddashboard: you think you can predict everything but someday u'll learn youre wrong Nanaki536: "if you never care, Nanaki536: you can never be mad, sad, or angery" Nanaki536: perfect exisitance stddashboard: no, perfect non-existance Nanaki536: what do you mean? stddashboard: ur not truly living Nanaki536: what is living? sleeping eating learning working dieing?? Nanaki536: thats boring stddashboard: what would you be doing if you werent alive Nanaki536: might as well let it end as soon as possible Nanaki536: ?? Nanaki536: im talking to you arent i stddashboard: you have to be thankfull for what you have, not regretfull for the things you cant have Nanaki536: if you have nothing, you are free to do anything Nanaki536: remeber?? stddashboard: no Nanaki536: fight club? stddashboard: it says only once you have nothing, are you free to rebuild yourself stddashboard: its even in the booklet thing on the inside of the dvd Nanaki536: i remember only once you have nothing you are free to do anything Nanaki536: you sure Nanaki536: ?? stddashboard: yeh, I HAVE THE DVD Nanaki536: oh Nanaki536: well Nanaki536: then i made that up stddashboard: i read the entire booklet yesterday Nanaki536: ohh Nanaki536: well Nanaki536: mine is true too Nanaki536: if you have nothing, you can do anything Nanaki536: no pride, no self-esteem, nothing stddashboard: NO ITS NOT Nanaki536: yes it is stddashboard: i'd rather have this convo in person Nanaki536: becaue you have no reason not to stddashboard: so lets just stop Nanaki536: hehe Nanaki536: ok Nanaki536: im gonna put this on website in a sec Nanaki536: =] stddashboard: this chat? Nanaki536: save for the younger generation Nanaki536: yeah stddashboard: so people can see how wrong and misdirected you are Nanaki536: lolz stddashboard: finally something you can see Nanaki536: or Nanaki536: hwo right i am Nanaki536: its all how you look at it Nanaki536: we are on opposite sides Nanaki536: but both i right, i guess Nanaki536: its all what you belive Nanaki536: nothing can be true but what you find out for yourself stddashboard: i can see your side, because im split personality stddashboard: but my side has a happier ending Nanaki536: and ending is an ending Nanaki536: nothing speical stddashboard: the ends dont justify the means