Through Being Cool

01. All-Star Me
This isn't the way we planned I wasn't supposed to forget your taste Like nights spent figuring all the ways that we came to this place There we were alone on top of your old rooftop in Highland Park But ask me now.. Say, "Chris look out across the sky and tell me which way the wind blows." A core of coal A core of coal and starches in within me But even now that you're not here I climb these mountains of houses every night I say your name and I wish I could have done things right.
02. You Vandal
Last night I dreamt you called from Costa Rica The place you've been for the last two weeks You said, "I miss you, oh sweet boy, and will you come on down?" I woke up to my cold sheets and the smell of New Jersey When do I get to wake up to you? Today I can't forget that I've got these open wounds It's such a drag I can't forget you've gone My ribs have parted ways They said, "We're not going to protect this heart you have." Oh no, what can I do? My lungs are breathing open air And my spleen is dripping from my pants You've left me here in the cold And I miss you You never told me it would be this hard I think my body's saying so When you're not here, it's leaving me But I hope that you're o.k. Even though I'm dying I hope that you're still trying to have a killer time Go see the volcanoes Go see the rainforests I'll be fine by myself I'll be fine without these bones.
03. Shoulder To The Wheel
And I say, "Just go. Please, Dave, just drive. Get us as far as far can be. Get us away from tonight." And I say, "Oh, Dave, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell, But I'm having quite a bad week And I miss my mom." And we drive Dave steps on the gas The world that's flying by is slick and smooth Just big waves of light The radio is playing Queen And we're rocking out We're going now 'Cause, hey, this is it This is where we are Out here where silence is Seventy miles an hour and the windows up tight And I am home.
Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
Let me take this awkward saw And run it against your thighs Cut some flesh away I'll carry this piece of you with me Because all I can say tonight is that I hate you But it would be all right If we could see each other sometime If I could somehow make you mine And if not I'll take my rusty spoons And dig out your blue eyes I'll swallow them down to my colon They're gonna burn like hell tonight Because you're beautiful Just not on the inside Light comes from within And your beaming eyes don't seem so bright My heart is on the floor Why don't you step on it? When I think of all the things you've done Boardwalks and breaking waves Made our Saturdays I'd buy you lemonade right now if you were here But then I'd throw it in your face And I'd listen to you cry And I'd remember how I miss our nights under ocean skies You and I are like when fire and the ocean floor collide.
05. Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
Somewhere under water maybe you could find my heart 'Cause that's where I threw it after you had torn it out Three days ago The doctor told me, "Every skyline and every night spent alone Are tearing you apart." Maybe I should get some help Maybe I should fly out to Montana I've heard it's quite quiet way out past the electric lines Out where no one will ever know my name Oh, I've had it now I'm walking down to your house I'm banging on the door Please, please, please, Mr. Hox Won't you tell your daughter I'm all alone And I'm not handling this well You never know just what you have Until you get it yanked out of your chest Well that's it I'm walking to the water I'm standing on the bank I'm staring at my reflection Oh my god, I look pathetic tonight Well, guess what I'm diving in this river And I'm fishing out my heart And I'm never gonna let you get your hands on this again.
06. Third Engine
The sky grows bigger every day And the other week I hopped on a train Cutting through state lines To come to you as the crow flies And out there in there offing everything was melon and orange Did you know, my sweet That I once took the liberty of watching you in your sleep? I rolled over and over Trying to touch your knees underneath the sheets I just want you to know that every pool of water reminds me of you Is that all right? I hope you think it's cool 'Cause sometimes a train can't go as fast as I want it to Everything seemed a little easier when we weren't one hundred miles apart The person across from me sitting in her train seat, reminded me of you And I looked out past her cheeks through the glass-light conduit But the sun had sunk already Disappeared into New Jersey Oh, why don't they have phones on these things?
07. My Sweet Fracture
Could you tell me the next time that you're choking? 'Cause I'll rush right over to shove some dirt right down your throat It's nothing I have against you You're just a creep and you can't remember the last five years What's a bond if it dissolves in water? I took a piss that lasted longer than you and your manipulations I called my mom last night She said, "Sweetie, you don't need someone who's more fleeting than fall" 'Cause don't you love those leaves? Don't you wish the orange stayed forever And Crickets sang in the night all through winter?" And I thought, slow down, Chris Think of all the time this jerk has fucked you up and left you down And hey, I choose my company by the beating of their hearts Not the swelling of their heads Besides, I'd rather forget the days we spent Than try to stay afloat in shallow water.
08. The Vast Spoils Of America (From The Badlands Through The Ocean)
There's something sweet about seeing the world There's something great about Kansas It's like staring across an ocean Like seeing the first stars burn white Through the swamp and trees of Southern night Oh, I'll always have those mornings in California where the mountains climb so tall And waves crash blue around you When everyone's passed out in the van And I'm the one driving through the land Alone in open roading Ted's out in the seat right next to me He's drooling on his sleeve Who ever made up open skies and two of the bluest eyes Must be some young phenom Sometimes taking off can open up your eyes To everything that lies in your heart 'Cause that's when you miss your home And the trees seem a little deader I think we're getting back tonight Would you care if I came over? I've missed you about three weeks now I'm dying just to taste your lips Could we stomp around your back yard And wreck our clothes in the mud?
09. The Last Lie I Told
I'm in a parking lot by myself It's quarter to nine and I've been here since 5:45 Oh, there's no one but I can see some flickering lights I can hear some dogs barking in the back yards And I smell gasoline I wish the sky were open 'cause if there weren't those trees I think I could see for miles The city is just beyond those clouds I guess this is what it's like to be really down And holding out for something Remembering the warm nights Remembering the open arms of two years ago Oh there's nothing like this parking lot And seeing the stars in morning 'Cause I can see them from where I'm lying I can feel the cold pavement against my skin It's tingling.
10. Do You Know What I Love The Most?
Do you know what I love the most? Even suburbs would be o.k. With you between my sheets And the breeze in the window 'Cause we will go there and ignore all our neighbors I think I'll bring you breakfast and play Johnny Cash on the stereo I'll sit in the lazy chair all day remembering the things you do So when you come home I'll jump up to kiss you and it will knock you back You'll fall over our TV set I'll pick you up and dust you off Oh, Baby let's give it a go I'll kiss your thighs to make you feel all right And then I'll get closer to taste a little sweat Oh I think I'm rearing to go You're gonna get knocked out and tied up in my trunk In ten years we'll go to Ohio and steal Cadillac's for a living.
11. Through Being Cool
You know what? The next time you see Nick Tell him I'm gonna stick some needles in his face And watch him on his knees Watch him when he sees that I'm not fooling 'Cause I'm through being cool And he keeps telling everyone about me Like how I'm such a fool and that I'm so deceptive I think I'll make him eat the ground I think that I will turn around and notice the wind blowing tops of trees I'll see the way the world begins to need color everywhere And I'll realize how small I really am And then I'll spin right back around And say, "Nick, why are you such a prick? Why can't you just marvel in the hopes that make up this reality? Your world is what you made it And I don't want a part of it."
12. Banned From The Back Porch
I stepped out into the night and put my feet down on the wet patio floor The sky's air had been cooling and steam rose from everywhere I could feel drops of rain slipping off tree's leaves and splattering to the ground It's always misty after a summer pour And I'll remember turning around and looking out And staring in and focusing on this one beautiful girl And I said, "Oh who is this? Where was she all those crazy years? Where was she when my heart couldn't take its beat?" I sipped down some warm ginger ale And drew back a breath And headed over to see about this girl I couldn't say a thing and I just stared open and wide And I connected with her eyes to feel my gut fall through the floor Oh my god, I think I'm falling.