Living Well is the Best Revenge

Become What You Hate
I thought I found someone I thought I had something I could trust I still can't believe what happened It's not that you lied to us It's not that your friendship was a front It's just that I can't see the real in you
Yeah for years I was afraid Now I can finally say
That I'm afraid that you've become Everything that you had hated I'm waiting For this to blow away
How could I have been so blind How could I've ignored so many signs Especially when my friends warned me About your deceptive side And that your friendship was a lie But still I cannot see the real in you
Yeah for years I was betrayed Now I can finally say:
I've been working for Something oh-so fake But it's never too late
To correct the faults So many others made I know you don't care About what's right or fair
I heard you say your future is looking so great
Still Trying
Everyone's just looking for a reason to go on But every time I turn around I feel that you are gone
And I know from my mistake before I should have seen the truth Do it one more time And it'll be my fault for trusting you Could I ever trust the words you say?
Still trying to say That I can't forget what you did-no way You're wasting my time, trying my patience Still I can't forget what you did-no way
Everyone's just looking for A person whom to trust But every time I turn around I feel that you are lost
Ignored what felt so wrong To just play the fool once again Gave up on feelings strong And buried them It seems so pointless
I've been working for Something oh-so fake But I'm not working for you no more
Get It Together
Take off that make up honey I know what you've been missing And I've got a card to send you home It says: Try to forget those good times Maybe you never were mine How has this pain helped you grow? Because you've done so much with your life To have to settle for A need to feel A need to try A need to feel whole Do you feel whole?
Maybe we'll see this through If we get it together Maybe I'll get to you If you get it together
Take off that make up honey Why don't you ever listen I've got something I need to know Cause I tried Tried to forget your past crimes But were you ever just mine Was there something that I didn't show? Because
Go. Try. Try to make yourself right Go. Try. To make this right And move on with your life
Like a Movie
Try to forget about Living the good life Free of positions That make her feel vulnerable She's loved and she's lost She's bearing the cost She seeks to find the answer for
Woke up today around Six in the morning Violently shaking Remembering what she once saw She bared it alone Still she carried on She seeks to find the answers for
The reason her life did not turn out More like a movie She's trying to forget it all
She tries to erase She tries to replace How it feels but I Know she can never go home
I don't believe in anything But I believe in you I never trusted anyone But somehow I trust you
And if I fall away Someday you might find me If I fall away Someday . . .
There's No Going Back
I tried my best to let you know That I'm not trying to test you It's just so hard to let you go When I have nothing against you
Save your breath this time You'll need your strength to set this right
Look how far we've come Oh yeah there's no going back Look at what we've done There's no sense in saying That accusing you of using me ain't right But I will not give up without a fight Do or die Yeah take it back
Fear not cause here's the answer To your most pressing question Fear not cause here's the answer To your most pressing question come on
This time I think it could be perfect But you'd push it away I came here today with a purpose Should I try or just let it go Cause these things I'd like to ask you Are things I can't explain Or should I keep your glance outside the porch last Saturday
Should I have succumbed to your courtesy I could see you were trying to get my attention but I pushed it away
This time I think it could be perfect But you'd push it away
Tonight it seemed suddenly perfect Still no promises made The balance of power was shifted Were you trying to let me in Or was I trying so hard that all my confidence was lost tonight Confused and regretful I cracked swallowed it back And left with no spine intact
Maybe we were meant to see what's right See how this ought to be Just a taste of life to see what's right You made sense out of me What a shame that we're slipping away now I'm going away now Off to see what's out there Cause you're all that's here for me
You Should Know
You should know That I would never let you go I'm here To bear the weight of years You turn away What else is left for me to say You'll think what you want It's like we're once again at the (first part)
It's safe to fall if you just trust the ground that you stand on I swear I will never let you down You should know Sometimes it's hard for me to show My fears But I'm never insincere Don't turn away From what you trusted yesterday I'm still that person That you can always depend on
You live and learn But when I'm gone I won't return You don't have to feel that burn And I'll know the time has come When you wake up alone and fine Truth is not just in the now
One Last Time
All the times I've tried I know they don't erase The things that brought me down Caused you to hurt caused you to hate But now we've figured out All that we won't do So I can see that there's no doubt When you say I know
(when) You're not looking I'm still watching you Can we forget those times Can we move on
Please say that you Can feel the same way that I do Please say that I Can be forgiven one last time
I'm lost without your sight I can't think without your mind There's comfort in the night When I wake up by your side I'm up here on my own With nothing left to lose I won't deny you anything There's nothing I'll refuse
A Faulty Foundation
This plan is only surface And I do not deserve this I'm wondering if I'll withstand To stand alone and stand to scream To the world "I'm through And now I've come to mend These wounds were gored by you Through all of them"
it's too sad that I've got to mediate these faulty sides of you and I'm wondering whatever did I do the only reason that I still remain to you is that I go on repeating the excuse
What if this had not happened What if she hadn't gone What if this had not happened She never would have gone
Never want you to say I exploit this in any way Still I don't deserve this I stood alone too long to say
In the Songs
Remember just two years ago When our bands were playing house shows
Remember how we struggled-oh Remember nights we spent on hard wood floors
We're fighting for To make a change To live our lives the way we dreamed Despite what they might say
You're there when I fall You helped me be strong Even when I lost my faith Now we're standing so tall We've made it through it all And we'll keep it going strong 'cause I feel it in the songs
To all my friends from around the way Much respect We owe you dues We got your back You've got ours too I'll be there should you fall And I just wanted you to know You can always count on me
Find Confort in Yourself
How come everything Always has its way of turning Right back around again Like that night when she was leaving And not believing that this time Her fears were all just doubts
I'm never going back I'm over feeling sorry so just deal with that There's nothing wrong with that Find comfort in yourself And know that what you have is not what you are
I know this once felt right But every time I walk away I feel shut down inside Today is no exception And tomorrow breaks again But I can see that this will soon be over
Understand this is nothing Find comfort in yourself so you can deal with that