Photos and Misc.

Here's all I have so far. The captions beside each picture should explain the picture next to it, but if you want something cleared up just ask me about it.

Here I am... gaze in amazement, lol.
Coming soon...My friend Katie!
Tegra Perl
I'm so sorry about the pic. I know its old and I know its not your favorite, but its the only one I had. We're like best friends now, who would've thought from how we started out. I wish the best of luck to you and Nolan, like you need it.
Justin Engel
Along with Zach Hall, this is my best friend. We have so many inside jokes; 4-incher, OOOO...HHHH..., 'I know something else that..., YEAH - aww....., What is this?!, and last but not least "ITS RIGHT THERE! CANT YOU SEE IT!!". This guy wanks it more than anyone I know, he's even done it in my room, gross, and just to let you know, I didnt agree to it.
Emily Perovich
She is the coolest girl at Orefield Middle School. Seriously, life there would suck without her. I owe her big-time, she was the one to hook me up with her long-time friend, Katie Cassle. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope I never lose her as a friend.
Adam Shephard
Friends since 6th grade. Sorry about the crappy yearbook He is trying to convice his parents to buy him a drum set, but to no avail, his attempts are in vain. He's trying to make money this summer to buy it. Then we can finally make a band, if we could only find a bassist! Adam, you have to lose that crappy flamer skater lifestyle. It's making you look horrible, trust me, I sadly went through the skating phase too. So lighten up and then we can talk about that band.
Shannon McCauley
Just met her not too long ago, but we're turning out to be pretty good friends. Sorry bout that Jason thing, he can be like that sometime. He's just not used to being loved very much. You play soccer! I wish I could Well, maybe you could teach me.
Zach Hall
Discription coming soon.
Bill "Nanaki" Scheirer
I dont think I have to say much about this kid. If you dont already know this crazy hacker, you don't want to. He told me to add this...
"Hello. My name is William Scheirer, but you and alll the rest of your damned kind can call me Nanaki. I enjoy sitting in my house, sleeping, eating, r0x1ing in Ultima, spending time with tegra (although not often, still enjoyable enough), manipulating your mind, haxxoring websites, making amusing flash animations and heckling my cool friends to start wasting their lives with ultima. I once thought that love existed, i now laugh that one of my personalities actually convinced me into doing that. But, now that i am once again in control of my multiple beings, i can start the main-streaming of work and data directly into my evil abandon of a mind... Thanks for your time and tell your parents to lock the doors, im commin over tonite ^_^"