Scott Dietrich

Age: 14
Grade: 9th - Finally going to High School
Eye Color: Brownish Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Status: Sadly Single
Guitar Experience: 8 months
Social Class: I dont put people in catagories, but for those who do, consider me a guitarist.
AIM Name: stddashboard87 (kinda obvious)

10 Greatest Songs of All Time:
10. Soaked in Cinnamon Ultimate Fakebook
9. Remember to Breathe Dashboard Confessional
8. Peices Hoobastank
7. Roller Coaster Blink 182
6. Hellborn Unwritten Law
5. Say It Aint So Weezer
4. Mexico Incubus
3. Let's Go Home First Hot Rod Circuit
2. Timberwolves at New Jersey Taking Back Sunday
1. Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots Saves the Day

Favorite Quotes

"The truth is; you could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath, I'd appologize for bleeding on your shirt."

"Safe and sound. Don't make a sound. Look up at the sky shit's going down. I heard a bang and stars collided. Her skin drew me in just like a magnet. Little girl my little world is yours."

"Girl eyes tend to hypnotize. The trance is so divine. Decide to be the reason why I stay another night"

More coming soon...